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Ramat Yishai Yad La'Banim - Memorial & Communal Center

Site – Ramat Yishai

Typology – Public Building

Programme – Memorial & Communal / 500

Design – 2012 (Architectural Competition)

Status – Competition Entry

Client – Ramat Yishai Municipality

A community center, dedicated to the memory of the soldiers, sons of Ramat Yishai, who fell in the wars of Israel.

Located at a high point overlooking thel Izra'el valley, Ramat Yishai is a small town amidst agricultural fields. 

Conceptually, this landscape of rectangular strips of fields is reflects a pattern on the llot from which the design is evilving - a one storey structure folded from the ground and hovering above it, releasing the space beneath and an adjacent square shaped in the view of the surrounding landscape.

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