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Amsterdam Ben-Nun Architects was founded in 2005 by Technion IIT Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning graduates Arch. Meytal Amsterdam and Arch. Assaf Ben-Nun, and is since involved in a wide range of projects of various programs, typologies and scales.

Our practice derives from local contexts – geographical and cultural – with close affinity to the complexes that make a place.

We make architecture which is simple in shapes, functionality and materiality, yet complex and layered in its architectural spaces and connectivity.

We strongly believe in the quality of the architectural plan as the main generator of a project, on its various layers and systems.

We regularly participate in architectural competitions for which we gained prizes, and exhibited our work in various exhibitions, among which are –

Israeli Architecture Awards (2019) – 2nd prize in Educational building Category

Ramat Yi'ron Regional & Educational Center (2022) – 1st prize

Granot Ha'Galil Elementary School (2017) – 1st prize

Beit Ha'Emek  Elementary School (2016) – 1st prize

Pedestrian Bridge, Ariel Sharon Park (2012) – Honorable Mention (with Malka Architects)

Eilat City Hall (2012) – Honorable Mention (with Malka Architects)

Sha'ar Ha'Gay Educational Campus, Yoqneam Illit (2005) – 2nd prize

40/40 Israeli Young Architects Exhibition (2007)

40/40 Israeli Young Architects Exhibition (2009)

40/40 Israeli Young Architects Exhibition (2014)

Educational  Environments  Exhibition (2021) – Munio Gitai Weinraub Architecture Museum

First House' Exhibition for Young Architects (2010) – ZeZeZe Architecture Gallery

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