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Ariel Sharon Park Pedestrian Bridge

With Malka Architects

Site – Ariel Sharon Park (Hiriyya)

Typology – Infrastructures

Programme – Pedestrian Bridge / 220m

Design – 2012 (Architectural Competition)

Status – Competition Entry - Honorable Mention

Client – Ariel Sharon Park Authority

This competition for a pedestrian bridge over the Ayalon stream in its Ariel Sharon Park section, called for the design of a 220m long pedestrian, bicycle and light-weight electrical shuttles, with the aim of recycled materials usage and climatic approach.
The scheme suggests a steel framed structure of a tilted rectangular section, which makes possible for wider passes, static height needed, and space for linear systems.
The structure is covered by a light-weight translucent skin made of recycled wooden bars addressing the proper solar directions, and the pavement covered by recycled cobblestone.
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