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Ramat Yir'on Regional Center & Elementry School

Site - Ramat Yir'on, Upper Galilee, Israel

Typology - Educational

Programme - Elementary School 24CR + Gym / 6,500 m²

Design - 2022 -

Status - Construction Permits

Client - Upper Galille Regional Council

Our winning entry for an architectural competition held in 2022 to design Ramat Yir'on Regional center for Upper Galilee Regional Council's mountain settlements, near Kibbutz Yir'on.

The campus consists of a 24CR  classroom innovative elementary  school, a medium-type sports hall, and adjacent facilities such as a transportation hub, an athletics compound, an open air theater, as well as roads and infrastructures.

The built scheme relates to the specific communal and educational programme set by the municipality, articulating an hierarchical spatial array - both of external and internal spaces. The overall deign responds to the significant  topography and agricultural nature of the plot, primarily setting it's volumetric juxtaposition below the horizon as  it is conceived from the upper northern part of the site.

The elementary school was selected to participate in the coming program for innovative schools by the Ministry of Education, following innovative pedagogic principals and approach, to be guided in accordance to LEED regulations and principals


Landscape - BO Landscape Architecture

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