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Eilat Municipality City Hall

With Malka Architects

Site – Eilat, Israel

Typology – Offices / Public Services

Programme – City Hall / 10,000 m²

Design – 2009 (Architectural Competition)

Status – Competition Entry - Honorable Mention

Client – Eilat Municipality

Competition entry for Eilat City Hall, located along a sloped main boulevard.
The design derives from two historical characteristics of the region of Eilat – the green copper, and the brownish-red stone – both quarried for centuries in the nearby ancient Timna quarries.
The scheme suggests a linear building facing north and south for climatic reasons, set back from the street line to create a wide plaza in front, to the foot of the city hall southern main façade
On its northern façade is a hidden inner garden, enclosed and shaded, providing a cool getaway in the desert city.
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