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The RONSON School for Nature & Community

Site - Gornot Ha'Galil Civil Center, Israel

Typology - Educational

Programme - Elementary School 18 CR / 4,000 m²

Design - 2017-2018

Status - Completed 9/2021

Client - Ma'ale Yosef Regional Council

Our winning entry for an architectural competition held in 2017 for a regional, 18 classroom, growing elementary school of a unique educational programme, propose a campus of an hierarchical spatial array - both of external and internal spaces, responsive to the significant  topography and forestry characterizing  the site.  The school is among 10 participants in the pilot programme for innovative schools by the Ministry of Education, underling an innovative pedagogic principals and approach, and is designed and guided in accordance to LEED regulations and principals.


The project was made possible by the generous donation of the Ronson Family Foundation.


Landscape - BO landsacape architcture

Graphic Design - Kasher Visual Communication

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