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Haifa Kennel & Rabis-Observatory Station

Site - Haifa, Israel
Typology - Public Services
Programme - Municipal Kennel 
Design - 2010-2011
Status - Completed 8/2012
Client - Yefe Nof Ltd. for Haifa Municipality
After abandoning older former kennel at a nearby location on the Wadi-Rushmia  course, this new municipal kennel and rabies-observatory station is a transformation of an existing existing 1,100 sqm warehouse according to particular programme developed with the Municipal Veterinary Service in order to maintain this important civil service by the local authorities.
The facility is comprised of a Dog-shed wing with an adjacent Cat department and a storage & maintenance section, and an operational wing with lobby, offices, clinic, and wardrobe & toilets.
Main actions taken under this project include re-modelling structure envelope and roof, application of a new concrete geometry of floor and paving, reorganization general array, and overall new deign
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