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Mevaseret Zion Conservatory

Site - Mevaseret Zion
Typology - Educational / Cultural
Programme - Conservatory  / 1,700 m²                              
Design - 2016
Status - Competition Entry
Client - Mevaseret Zion Municipality

Our competition entry proposal's initial reaction to this sloping site was to maintain it's wide, far views of the Jerusalem and Judea mountainous landscape available for both visitors and the general public passing by.

The conservatory, therefore, is a transformation of a promenade made part of the street into a public building dropping down underneath and under an observation point – an extension to this promendae.

On a lower level – but still a public space – is a wide square in front of the conservatory entrance.

While the main façade faces the tranquil natural creek beneath the plot, the back of the building is not only below street-level, but also detached from it by gardened patios, enhancing the quietness necessary for the center main function.

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