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Music School - Akko

Site - Acco/Acre, Israel
Typology - Educational
Programme - High-School of Music 18 CR / 3,000 m²
Design - 2019
Status - Competition Entry
Client - kko Municipality
A new High School focusing on the teaching of Andalusian and Moroccan music, responding to a unique programme based on a standard Ministry of Education programme. The lot assigned for the project is adjacent to the municipal conservatory, for a symbiotic and collaborative interactions between these two complimentary institutes. 

Inspired by the both middle-eastern, Mediterranean city of Akko (Acre) and the Andalusian traditional court houses, our project entry suggests a scheme built clusters gathered around an array of internal courtyards, interconnected by a network of covered pathways.

The scheme is an open-end structural layout, to which the specific spatial manifestation responds.

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