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NETA'IM Beit Ha'Emek - Elementary School

Site - Kibbutz Beit Ha'Emek, Israel
Typology - Educational
Programme - Elementary School 18 CR / 3,000 m²
Design - 2016-2017
Status - 1st Phase completion 9/2018
Client - Matte Ashe Regional Council

Our winning entry for an architectural competition held in 2016 for a regional, growing 18 classroom elementary school propose a modular campus of an hierarchical spatial array - both of external and internal spaces, according to the innovative pedagogic principals and approach underlined by the pilot program for innovative schools of the Ministry of Education. The overall design - array, mass & materials - is a gesture to the Kibbutz architectural heritage.

Landscape - BO landsacape architcture
Graphic Design - Kasher Visual Communication
Photography - Amit Geron
                             Daniel Arev
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